Ancient Tabernacle Experience Opportunity – September 2, 2022

North Logan Utah Stake

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Utah Area Presidency has recently organized a Tabernacle Service Mission in the state of Utah for the purpose of creating a unique experience for church members and our community friends and neighbors to tour a life size replica of the tabernacle of the Old Testament.  This “traveling tabernacle” will be touring throughout each of the Utah missions.  The North Logan Stake, being part of the Ogden mission, will be given a day that we can participate as a stake and our youth will be the tour guides for that day.

The Tabernacle Experience will provide tours of a life size replica of the tabernacle  of the Old Testament.  A welcome center will begin the tour with insights into the Tabernacle and the rich symbolism used within its structure to point the ancient Israelites to the Messiah and their return to our Heavenly Father.  Following the visitors center, tours will take those attending through 6 stations of the Tabernacle beginning with the Camp of Israel and passing through the Holy of Holies where you will be directed back into the building to learn about the Tabernacle coverings and the High Priest’s sacred clothing.  The tour concludes with the visitor’s center where you will be able to see a number of displays and learn more about the Tabernacle.

The North Logan Stake has been assigned Friday, September 2, 2022.  Our youth will be having various activities during August in preparation including a Morningside devotional and tour before school begins on our assigned date.

The location of this tabernacle and visitor center will be at the church building and grass area on 1550 N 400 E, North Logan, UT.  Tours will begin at 9am and continue until 9pm.

More information will be coming in the following weeks but there are a few resources you can review to learn more about this unique experience.

Web site:

Church news:

We anticipate over 100,000 people will tour this tabernacle during the month that it will be in Logan.  We will need volunteers in addition to the youth for various responsibilities such as visitor center guides, setting-up, security, medical, community outreach, etc.  More information and signups will be forthcoming through your Elders and Relief Society leadership.

Attached is a flyer announcing this activity that you will begin to see around and can be used for any who you wish to invite.  The tabernacle will be on display and tours beginning August 2 and may attend any day you can but we do also encourage your attendance during the day our youth will be the tour guides as well. 


North Logan Stake Presidency