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For those who are not able to attend in person, there is a Zoom link available.  Please contact the Bishopric for access.



April 21, 2024


Opening Hymn:  #221, Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd

Invocation:   TBA


Ward Business:  Bishop Cannell

Sacrament Hymn:  #185, Reverently and Meekly Now

~Administration of the Sacrament~


Youth Speaker:  Caroline Allen

Youth Speaker:  Hattie Hansen

Rest Hymn:  #301, I Am a Child of God

Speaker:  Annika Harris


Closing Hymn: #158, Before Thee, Lord, I Bow My Head

Benediction:  TBA

Ward Announcements

Ward Choir practice

Ward Choir practice is April 21 at 3pm in the chapel.

Ward Temple Day is April 16, 6:30pm session.


Our ward is currently assigned to clean the church.  This Saturday, April 20th Team 2 is assigned.  Click on the Building Cleaning Assignments tab to see which team you are on. (There are 6 teams total) Thanks for helping!

Stake Adult Education Course

Please take note of the Stake Adult Education Course called "Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon", taught by Curtis Jacobs (Elk Ridge Ward) in the East Bldg. chapel every Thursday evening 7-8:30pm through April 18.

The course is intended to help supplement and reinforce this year's "Come, Follow Me" focus on The Book of Mormon.

Temple and Family History Plan

Our ward's plan for participation in temple and family history has been posted on the main page of our ward's website. Below is the direct link to the plan. Please read and review this plan and prayerfully consider how to follow it in your own family.