Temple & Family History Newsletter #5 – May 7, 2023


  1. Our ward temple day is normally on the third Wednesday of each month. Each individual will need to make their own appointment. We suggest you make your appointment in advance to ensure that space is available at the designated session. If you cannot attend the session, we encourage you to attend an ordinance of your choice sometime during that day. The ward temple days for the second quarter of 2023 will be as follows:
    Date Endowment Session Time
    May 17 6:30 pm
    June 21 6:30 pm
    Please arrive 30 minutes before the session begins.
  2. Our next sealing opportunity will likely be scheduled in June. More information will be coming.
  3. The Baptism & confirmation activity with the youth was a huge success. We had seven ward members submit 106 names for the youth to take to the temple. Out of the 106 names submitted, 101 were completed by our youth. THANK YOU!! We will be repeating this program again.
    -There are times when they can help other ward members by taking their cards and doing the work for baptisms and confirmations.
    -If you need help getting baptisms and confirmations completed, contact Gary or Ruth Ann Chambers. They will keep track of what you give them.
     -They will coordinate with the youth leaders and get your cards to them.
     -The youth will take them to the temple and do as many names as they can.
     -Names not done will be returned to you by the Chambers
    Thank you for being part of the Gathering of Israel. May the Lord bless you in your efforts.
    We rejoice in seeing increased temple activity in the ward. More names are being submitted
    for temple work and more members logging in to Family Search.
    We still need help with Indexing. Give it a try.
    Enjoy the beautiful change in the weather.