Temple & Family History Newsletter #8 – June 6, 2022

The Newsletter for this month will focus on our ward Temple & Family History plan. The
following is a recap of the presentation given to the Elders Quorum last month. It restates the
ward plan and a suggested INVITATION in accomplishing the plan. Please carefully consider
where you might help.


  1. Encourage every youth and adult member to have a church account.
     INVITATION: Anyone over 13 years of age can create an account. With parental
    permission, children ages 8-12 can create accounts. HELP ALL ELIGIBLE FAMILY
  2. Adopt a ward indexing project.
     VITATION: Set a goal for yourself and/or family to do indexing. Make the goal realistic
    and reachable.
  3. Coordinate two youth baptism events during year.
     First one held in April with 48 youth participating.
     Scheduling of second one is underway in the planning stages.
     INVITATION: Along with participating in the ward youth baptism program, research out
    your family names and go as a family.
  4. Coordinate quarterly sealing appointments. (To include both couples and singles)
     First one held in January with 28 ward members participating.
     Second one held in April with 21 ward members participating.
     INVITATION: Along with ward participation, schedule times to attend with your spouse
    and/or family and friends.
  5. Increase number of members submitting names for temple ordinance work.
     INVITATION: Identify a name through personal research or through Ordinances Ready
    and then either complete that ordinance yourself or share with the temple.
  6. Meet with new incoming youth in their homes to help them: (This meeting to include the Youth
    Presidents of the Young Men and Young Women.)
     INVITATION: This is an ongoing process with the youth leaders. This can also be
    accomplished by the parents at home. It could be a fun FHE or Sunday activity.
  7. Upload a story, a picture, a memory, or history item of a family member in Family Search.
    (Example of uploading a photo from a stick)
     INVITATION: Upload a picture of a family member.
  8. As information is available from the church, tract measurable data to review ward progress.
    Families should also track data for their family goals and periodically review their individual
    plans. As President Russell M. Nelson taught in April 2020:
    “I promise that as you increase your time in temple and family history work, you will increase
    and improve your ability to hear Him.”
    As you review the above ward plan, consider how you might help in meeting these objectives. While
    some of the items will be coordinated by the committee, others are personal, and you can determine
    plans that are best for you.
     Year-to-date indexing numbers through May are up 16% as a ward.
     56 more members have submitted a name to the temple this year-to-date than last year. Thank
    you for helping in Gathering Zion on both sides of the veil. This is a great indicator of our ward
    being more involved in Temple work.