Temple and Family History Newsletter #3 (Jan. 2, 2022)

We plan on sending a T&FH Newsletter out to the ward the first week of each month.  The Newsletter will contain three main areas.  Namely, 1) Announcements, 2) Upcoming Events, and 3) Monthly Focus on an area relating to Temple & Family history. 


1.  Review the Elkridge Park Temple & Family History Plan for 2022 by visiting elkridgepark.org.

2.  Upcoming Roots Tech Connect Conference.

How Do I Register for RootsTech 2022?

Registration for RootsTech 2022 will open in September 2021. Visit RootsTech, and click on Subscribe for Updates to receive the RootsTech newsletter and to follow RootsTech on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

RootsTech, hosted by FamilySearch, is a global family history conference celebrating families across generations and cultures, and inspiring people of all ages to discover and share their memories and connections.  The online event is the largest of its kind.  Between the annual event and the expanding online video archives, RootsTech attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors globally, and is a great, free, source for learning.  RootsTech Connect 2022 will be free and entirely online.

3.  With the remodel of the Tabernacle, the Family History library will be temporarily relocated in the church building at 294 N. 100 E. in Logan.  Its future location will be at the Bishop’s Storehouse.  Current hours of operation are M-F noon to 5:00PM.  Enter South Door.  Contact phone number is 435-755-5594.


1.  We have made reservations at the Temple for Sealings.  Our time is Wednesday, January 19th at 7:15 PM and 7:30 PM.  Each session will accommodate 10 patrons.  A sign-up list will be circulated in church on January 9th & 16th.  Janet Owens will be coordinating this activity.  Please call her with questions.  And remember, if you can’t attend once you are signed up, contact Janet so she can cancel the reservation.  You should arrive at the temple 30 minutes early to allow for changing clothes and arriving at the Sealing Office.

2.  We have arranged for a Youth Baptistry activity on April 19, 2022, at the 5:30pm, 6:30pm, and 7:30pm appointment times at the temple.  Keep dates clear.  More information will be coming from youth leaders.


Schedule an appointment at the Temple to do an ordinance.

Procedure for making an appointment:

  • Log into churchofjesuschrist.org
  • Scroll down to Quick Links and click Temples
  • Click on Temple List and scroll down and click on Temple you want to attend
  • Click on Appointments
  • Sign In using church Username and Password
  • Click on Select this Temple
  • Under Select Ordinance, click on ordinance chosen (Add spouse if attending with you)
  • Click on calendar at far right
  • Those dates showing Dark Blue have available dates
  • Choose a date and finalize your appointment

CHALLENGE FOR JANUARY:  Explore the ACTIVITIES and/or MEMORIES tab in Family Search.