The Best Times of our Lives: Senior Missionary Opportunities

Dear Stake Presidents and Bishops, 

The Utah Area Presidency will hold a senior missionary event, “The Best Time of our Lives: Senior Missionary Opportunities” on Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. in the Bountiful Regional Center. We ask that you make a concerted effort to personally invite all members, age 50+, to attend this meeting. Please also encourage your currently serving senior missionaries to attend, offering personal invitations to their friends. 

We will be presenting exciting information on the various opportunities for missionary service, both full- and part-time, live at home and live away. 

We are asking those who live in the boundaries of the Bountiful, Bountiful West, Centerville, Kaysville, Layton, Bonneville and Pioneer Coordinating Councils to attend this event in person. We are encouraging those living outside this general area to stream this event on a stake basis. The broadcast link will be provided to those stakes about one week ahead of the meeting. The Missionary Department will be providing pass-along cards to you to supplement the information presented in the broadcast. 

We are grateful for your help in encouraging our seniors to serve as missionaries in “The Best Time of our Lives”. 

With warmest regards, 

Utah Area Presidency