Ward Temple & Family History Newsletter #12 – November 28, 2022

2022 is rapidly coming to a close.  Our ward had a good year with involvement in Temple & Family History.  All indicators were higher than the previous year.  Thank You.

Here is a copy of the approved Temple & Family History Plan for 2023.  You may consider putting it on your bulletin board or fridge or that often looked at place as a reminder.

Have a very happy holiday season.


  1. Encourage every youth and adult member to have a church account.
  2. Adopt a ward indexing goal.
  3. Coordinate two to three youth baptism events during year.
     YM/YW to schedule appointments.
     Encourage youth to research names to take to the temple.
     Obtain names from other ward members when additional names are needed.
  4. Coordinate quarterly sealing appointments. (To include both couples and singles)
  5. Identify monthly “Ward Temple Day.” Normally, 3 rd Wednesday of month.
  6. RS Presidency to organize additional special daytime RS temple outings as needed.
  7. Increase number of members submitting names for temple ordinance work.
  8. Provide parents and, where necessary, youth leaders with information to be shared with their sons and/or daughters as they move into the Priesthood and Young Women areas. This information will include:
     Create a Church Account
     Identify and print an ancestor card needing Baptism & Confirmation.
     Familiarize them regarding Ordinances Ready in Family Search
     Show them their Family Tree
  9. As individuals and families, upload a story, a picture, a memory, or history item of a family member in Family Search.
  10. As information is available from the church, track measurable data to review ward progress. Families should also track data for their family goals and periodically review their individual plans.
  11. Send out monthly “Temple & Family History Newsletter”.
  12. Encourage Elders quorum and Relief Society to include Temple & Family History information in their correspondence to their respective groups.
  13. During the year, have an Elders Quorum and Relief Society meeting to focus on Temple & Family History items. Could be combined or individual groups.
    As President Russell M. Nelson taught in April 2020:
    “I promise that as you increase your time in temple and family history work, you will increase
    and improve your ability to hear Him.”
    As you review the above ward plan, consider how you might help in meeting these objectives. While
    some of the items will be coordinated by the committee, others are personal, and you can determine
    plans that are best for you and your family.